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NEW Maud Lewis-Inspired Greeting Cards!

5.5" wide x 4.25" tall, blank inside, and include an envelope.

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Buy all 4 cards at the same time and save on shipping charges!
$24 + NS HST + $1 shipping and handling

Individual cards: $6 each + NS HST + $1 shipping and handling.

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Star Trek TNG Currency!

Tngbills f5f144632fc2c5e6bde6e95e31f5b0da8a0001f6f3a539657beecb457fbe85e0

Available as 3/4-size flexible magnets.

Available for $5 each, or a complete set of 7 for $30. Free shipping. Taxes extra.

Select Bills

Star Trek TNG Currency Gift Box!

Tngbox 22dccae3880b777f4682896c24a3c6164b0e0fce6b98080fd7cac5ed559f9872

All 8 TNG magnets in a gift box.

$35. Free shipping. Taxes extra.

More Stickers

Bluenose1701 92d78da1ae6af2488cfcf119b72653bd9a9217cb7b9c33c424ef03e52cb541b3

Bluenose 1701

The latest upgrades to the Bluenose may not be historically authentic, but she is much faster now! 8cm diameter round sticker suitable for laptops or tablets.

Sticker: $2

N7ns fc0de595f5945ca3d476960bb8b063dd597ec512550763ccab63b5ac4e706cbd

N7 / NS

Maybe you're not a fan of Star Trek but you prefer Mass Effect. Only the most elite soldiers in the galaxy manage to reach the acclaimed "N7" designation. Do you have what it takes to achieve "NS"? Do you know all the words to Barrett's Privateers? Do you know not to stand on the dark rocks at Peggys Cove? You may already be a Commander - show it!

Sticker: $2

There are also t-shirts, posters, postcards, and other items available, but due to the complexities of packing and shipping these items, they aren't available for online ordering - however, please contact me at to discuss delivery options. If you are in the HRM area, personal pick-up and delivery can be arranged.

All my items, including unique limited-editions, are available at the booths at Hal-Con, AubCon, Spring Geequinox, and other events around Halifax and Nova Scotia.

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